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Public institutions with attribution on the fight against cybercrime in Romania

DIICOT - DIRECTIA DE INVESTIGARE A INFRACŢIUNILOR DE CRIMINALITATE ORGANIZATA ŞI TERORISM (in translation: Directorate for the investigation of organized crime and terrorism offences - DIOCT):

Romanian Laws on cybercrime:

New Criminal Code - in effect since February 1st 2014 modifies older provisions from Law no. 161/2003 and prosecutes new computer related crimes as follows:
  • Definitions - Provisions 181 an 182 define the meaning of terms Computer system, Computer data and Electronic payment instruments
  • Title I - Offenses against the person
    Chapter VI - Offenses against freedom of persons  (Art. 208 - Harassment )
  • Title II - Offenses against property
    Chapter I - Theft (Art. 230 - Stealing with the purpose of using)

    Chapter IV - fraud committed through computer systems and electronic payment instruments (Art. 249 - Computer Fraud, Art 250 - Fraudulent financial transactions, Article 251 - Accepting fraudulent transactions, Article 252 - Sanctions for attempt)
  • Title V - Offenses regarding corruption and service
    Cap. II - Service offense (Article 302 - Violation of correspondence) (Note: applicable also to private correspondence)
  • Title VI - Forgery
    Cap. I counterfeiting coins, stamps or other values ​​(Art. 311 - Forgery of debt securities or payment instruments; Art 313 - Circulation of counterfeit securities, Article 314 - Possession of instruments for counterfeiting values​​;)
    Cap. III - Forgery regarding documents (Article 325 - Forgery related to computer data)
  • Title VII
    Chapter VI - Offenses against the safety and integrity of computer systems and computer data (Article 360 - Illegal access to a computer system, Article 361 - Illegal interception of computer data transmissions, Article 362 - Altering the integrity of computer data; Art 363 - Disruption of operation of computer systems, Article 364 - Unauthorized transfer of data; Article 365 - Illegal operations with devices or software; Article 366 - Sanctions for attempt.)
  • Title VIII - Offenses regarding social life
    Chapter I - Offenses against public order (Art. 374 - Child pornography)
  • Title IX - Vote related offences (Art. 388 - electronic vote fraud, Article 391 - Forgery vote related records and documents;)
Read the full translation of the new legal provisions here...

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